Wednesday, 29 January 2014

TW:eed Project success at Professor Davies' inaugural lecture

Last night Professor Sarah Davies from the University of Leicester gave her inaugural lecture. This is when a doctor becomes a professor, and gives a presentation about their research career, how they got interested in their topic and why it is important. Sarah explained about her research career in sedimentology, with a talk entitled ‘shining a light into the dark corners of the sedimentary record’.

Sarah has been studying fine-grained sedimentary rocks for much of her career, which are vital sources and seals of oil and gas. And also great places to preserve Carboniferous tetrapods! When investigating big evolutionary changes in life on Earth, you need to understand the geological setting. Sarah clearly explained how important it is to understand the sedimentology of rocks so you can piece together the ecosystem that existed over 300 million years ago. 

The opening slide of Professor Sarah Davies talk
Sarah about to begin her lecture

It was great to see TW:eed Project members Melanie Leng, Jenny Clack, Rob Clack, Tim Smithson, David Millward and Tim Kearsey in the audience! Sarah’s talk really brought home how important collaboration is to this project, in fact, we wouldn’t have a project without it! Tim and Dave will stay in Leicester for a few days to work with the sedimentology/stratigraphy team, and later this week we have a large TW:eed Project team meeting in Cambridge, with some fossils to see, so I look forward to updating you on that.

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