Saturday, 12 January 2013

Visit our website!

We have a new website for the TWeed project

Visit for all the latest information on the project, who's who and what's happening!

The blog has also been updated, now hosted by Google, i hope you like the new look

Until next time


  1. What's good about discovering the world of paleontology and having a new website is that you are actually combining the new with the old, which gives readers substantial data on the status of the earth many years ago - which in turn is the key to making the most out of our environment without damaging the balance of nature.

    Michael Brandon

  2. I love the fact that when the various people from different disciplines get together, the simple fizz of the conversation, as each expert's unique knowledge fires off ideas in the minds of the other specialists, is truly awe-inspiring!

    I just like banging the rocks, leaving the hard stuff to the academics, but listening to them talking about the stuff they know and understand, and filling in the gaps in the understanding of people who specialise in different areas is just brilliant!

    Talk about the whole being greater the sum of the parts; this is a fantastic example!