Tuesday, 1 November 2016

TW:eed Team at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

In late October, Tim Kearsey represented the TW:eed Project at the British Geological Survey (BGS) Science Showcase at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. This is BGS Scotlands’ annual public science event where a whole range of scientist from all over BGS explain their science through demonstrations and hands on activities.

Tim brought along a 3D print of the skull of the newly discovered tetrapod ‘tiny’ and some huge rhizodont jaws kindly lent to him by the National Museum of Scotland. Along with posters and videos from the exhibition earlier in the year at the National Museum of Scotland.

There was lots of interest from children and adults alike. Particularly in the fact that fossils this significant to the understanding of life on land were being found on beaches and in rivers which many local people know well. People were amazed at the size of the Rhizodonts, predatory fish, which could get up to the size of a small killer whale. In the Carboniferous they lived in rivers and lakes and may have eaten tetrapods among other things. You can find out about a recent TW:eed Project rhizodont find in a report from Tom Challands.

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