Friday, 19 August 2016

TW:eed Team meeting… the end is near

Last week was our penultimate TW:eed Team meeting. The project is due to finish in the spring of 2017, so the end is near! We’ve come so far and discovered some amazing things in the last four years. This time we met at the University of Cambridge in the new David Attenborough Building, which contained a living wall (see photo). 

During the meeting we were treated to get a behind the scenes tour of the Museum of Zoology which is being refurbished and is due to open in early 2017. There are some spectacular wonders of the natural world to see, well worth a visit when its open!
Team TW:eed in the David Attenborough Building, University of Cambridge
It was a really exciting and invigorating meeting as always. Tim Kearsey reported on our recent fieldwork in Nova Scotia, and Jenny Clack, Tim Smithson and Tom Challands on fieldwork in Scotland and the Borders. The palaeontology team have new discoveries on lungfish, rhizodonts and tetrapods that they are presenting at the SVPCA symposium next week. 

The palynology team presented their work on the borehole and the very detailed biostratigraphy that will help us put an age date on all the tetrapod finds. As well as identifying over 50,000 specimens Emma Reeves has found some really interesting trends in the vegetation pattern through time showing us that the environment was dynamic. The palynology and sedimentology teams are now working together to integrate this data and explore what it means for the ancient tetrapod world. Fascinating!

Nick Fraser told us about the success of the Fossil Hunters exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland, which closed at the weekend. The exhibit had the highest visitor numbers of any exhibit in that gallery of the museum! Thank you for everyone who came to see it and left positive comments, it was a real honour to be involved. The exhibit is now going on tour round Scotland, details coming soon…
Floodplain lake reconstruction scene in Fossil Hunters, copyright Mark Witton
Our final team research meeting will be in January 2017, then shortly afterwards we aim to have a public event of talks in Edinburgh to showcase what this project has achieved.

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