Saturday, 16 April 2016

Spring Fieldwork

This week several members of Team TW:eed returned to the Scottish Borders for a spring fieldwork week. 

The tides were very low and perfect for looking at some of the really interesting sections at our main field site. We were looking under the kelp and in rock pools which were very slippery and full waterproofs and climbing helmet were needed. 

There are rocks under the kelp somewhere!

Emma Reeves, John Marshall and I were re-logging some difficult fine-grained units and re-sampling some sections for palynology. I was also looking at the occurrence of ostracods, bivalves and burrows. Sarah Davies and Tim Kearsey were studying the complex sandstone units. Some fantastic new fish finds were discovered by Tim Smithson and Tom Challands. With the permission of Scottish Natural Heritage we will be collecting more fossil samples from the site soon. It was a fantastic week with some quite warm sunshine!  
The Foulden exposure where abundant fish fossils were recorded in the 1980s
We also investigated the classic Ballagan Formation localities of Pease Bay and Foulden. Foulden is a small exposure on a steep slope that was excavated and studied in the 1980’s. It was rather overgrown with thorny trees and bushes but we found the original exposure and took a few samples back to study.

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