Friday, 4 March 2016

Fossil Hunters!

Two weeks ago today the Fossil Hunters exhibit opened at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. 

The exhibit showcases some of the fossils found by the TW:eed Project and explains how scientists reconstruct the tetrapod animals and the environment they lived in. The exhibit has had record numbers of visitors so far as well as press coverage by the BBC and the Guardian. As well as showing some of the TW:eed Project specimens, the exhibit also showcases other Scottish fossils that fit into the story of how live evolved on land, from Rhynie, East Kirkton and more. It was an honour to attend the opening party and see this wonderful exhibit!
The exhibit is open until August 2016 – and its free to attend! But if you cannot make it to Edinburgh, have a look at the #FossilHunterswebsite which has more information. Videos and more fantastic fossils can be found on the section called Closing Romer’s Gap: The story so far.

As its #FossilFriday I thought I’d show some of the amazing photos from the exhibit. Enjoy!

The TW:eed Team

Me standing in front of Stan Wood's sedimentary log - without his work we wouldn't be where we are now!

A huge rhizodont fish jaw


video of fieldwork excavation

Wonderful habitat reconstruction drawing by Mark Witton
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