Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tweed Project presents at SVPCA 2014

Last week was the annual Symposium for VertebratePalaeontology and Comparative Anatomy, this time held in York. Jenny Clack and Tim Smithson were at the meeting and presented talks and posters on the project.

Tim presented on the latest chondrichthyan discoveries, with exciting new specimens changing what we know about the evolution of this group. Jenny presented on the new tetrapod discoveries from a range of sites, and discussed what this tells us about the evolution of tetrapods after the end Devonian mass extinction. The presentations were well received and attracted a lot of interested. It was a great opportunity of get together with other Tweed Project researchers and the wider vertebrate research community.

Tim Smithson at the start of his presentation
Jenny Clack explaining her poster to a delegate
Some of the Tweed Team at the conference dinner, from left to right: Rob Clack, Jenny Clack, Stig Walsh, Tim Smithson, Nick Fraser and Maggie Wood
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