Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Volunteer Research Assistant in Micropalaeontology, 6 posts available

Volunteer Research Assistant in Micropalaeontology, 6 posts available
Department of Geology, University of Leicester

This summer, in August and September I am looking to recruit up to six volunteers in micropalaeontology. The placement is suitable for scientists undertaking or having completed a degree in geology or related disciplines, with an interest in micropalaeontology. Here are the details of the post:

Volunteer Role: Your role will be to assist with the micropalaeontological processing of samples from the Ballagan Formation, working with Prof Sarah Davies and Dr Carys Bennett. The microfossils you are likely to find include ostracods, plant material, fish and tetrapod scales and bone fragments. We use microfossils to understand the fauna and flora present and how the palaeoenvironment changed through time. Your work will significantly add to the scientific outcomes of the project.
Tasks will include: Processing and sieving of clastic fine grained sediments, picking sieved residues using a binocular microscope, drawing and description of specimens, identification and cataloguing of specimens, and photography and SEM imaging. You will work alongside Dr Bennett, other researchers and volunteers. All training and equipment will be provided as appropriate.

Start date: The position is a two week full-time placement in August-September 2014. The start date can be flexible, but must be between Monday 18th August and Monday 15th September.

Candidate Requirements:
-          A degree in geology/earth sciences or other science discipline
-          Previous experience of micropalaeontology and sedimentology
-          Enthusiastic, organised and able to work independently
-          Previous experience of undertaking an independent research project
-          Previous experience of using the SEM
-          Experience of working in a systematic manner with attention to detail

To apply for the post please submit a CV and cover letter to Dr Bennett (ceb28@le.ac.uk) by 5pm on Tuesday 10th June. Successful candidates will be invited to interview for the position.

Some of last year’s micropalaeontology volunteers


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