Monday, 19 May 2014

Spring Fieldwork 2014

In recent months several TW:eed Project scientists have been out and about doing some fieldwork. Here is a short summary:

Janet Sherwin, Tim Smithson and Kelly Richardson visited Coquetdale, in Northumberland to continue their sedimentological and palaeontological investigations. It was a rather wet visit overall, with rising river levels meaning some underwater rock sampling at times. But they did find some fantastic fossils and sediments, including a bed with well-preserved abundant plant fossils.
A fossil-plant bed at Coquetdale

Jenny and Rob Clack went to the Ayr, on the west coast of Scotland to examine the Ballagan Formation at this location. At this location the strata dips at a low angle on the foreshore, quite different to on the east coast, although the main sedimentary character of the formation is similar. The fossils were hard to find at this site, but that didn’t stop them finding a tetrapod maxilla (upper jaw bone) – wow!

The sequence at Ayr, with the Heads of Ayr in the background
Jenny Clack, Rob Clack and Tim Smithson visited Nova Scotia to work with Jason Anderson from the University of Calgary and local expert Chris Mansky. They examined material from the early Carboniferous in the Blue Beach Fossil Museum, and along the Blue Beach coastal exposure. Their visit made local news headlines in the Herald News and CTV News Atlantic and highlighted the importance of the site. They examined material from lungfish, rhizodonts, actinopterygians and tetrapods. Go to our TW:eed Project Facebook page to find out more about the visit.

The Blue Beach field exposure

The team will be back in the field together in the Scottish Borders in late June.

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