Tuesday, 23 December 2014

TW:eed Project presents at BSRG

The TW:eed Team were back on the conference trail again, this time at the annual meeting of the British Sedimentological ResearchGroup, in Nottingham.

Sarah Davies gave a keynote talk and presented some of the TW:eed Project isotope data, Tim Kearsey talked about the palaeosols and vegetation types, and Dave Millward on the regional palaeogeography and environments. We also had posters by myself on the cementstones, Greg Phillpotts on floodplain sediments and Rachel Curtis on the evaporites. Well done Team TW:eed!

The conference was well attended with a packed schedule of talks, posters, a core workshop, fieldtrip, and great conference dinner and social events. This year there was a wide variety of sedimentary topics, from fluvial deposits to provenance studies and palaeoclimate trends. 
Team TW:eed at BSRG, from left to right: Greg Phillpotts, Rachel Curtis, Tim Kearsey, Dave Millward, Sarah Davies and Carys Bennett

I will take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas from the TW:eed Team and Happy New Year!

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

TW:eed Project presents at PalAss

This week was the annual meeting of the Palaeontological Association, in Leeds. Several members of the project were at the meeting giving talks or posters on the latest science from the project. John Marshall and David Carpenter from the University of Southampton, Tim Smithson and Becky Bennion from the University of Cambridge, Neil Clark from the University of Glasgow, and myself.

John and David presented on the charcoal results, Tim and Becky on the sharks, and me on the bivalves and ostracods. Its great to see all the varied aspects of this huge project coming together after two years of hard work.

It was a really interesting meeting, with over 250 delegates and talks on a whole variety of topics to do with palaeontology and related disciplines. You can check out the programme on the PalAss website.

Always a highlight was attending the conference fieldtrip, basically a day out to enjoy seeing some new fossils! It was beautiful sunny weather and there were plenty of fossil within micritic and oolitic coral-reef type sediments. We visited various old quarries of North Yorkshire to study the Upper Jurassic Corallian Group.

Dave Carpenter and Carys Bennett at an old quarry at Betton Farm
Rhabdophyllia phillipsi corals in the Coral Rag Member of the Coralline Oolite Formation, at Ravenswick Quarry

And today we are off to another conference, the annual meeting of the British Sedimentological Research Group.
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