Monday, 5 August 2013

July Fieldwork Week in the Scottish Borders

At the end of July I was back in the Scottish Borders for some more fieldwork. I was assisted by University of Leicester 3rd year undergraduate Rachel Curtis, who is very keen on sedimentology. We collected more samples and did some detailed sedimentary logging. It was a week of mixed weather, but mostly warm and sunny, although you wouldn’t think that from the photo below!

Rachel Curtis and myself during on a wet day’s sampling
The best thing about the week was being able to return to the section again and see things in a new light, after time to process the geology since last autumn. We found more fossils and new sedimentary structures, a great benefit to working in tidal environments. Tim Kearsey from the BGS joined us for four days and helped with sampling in one of the very low tide areas. We recorded where all the samples came from using a d-GPS, which gives the sample position accurate to 5cm. If you have been following the TW:eed newsletters you will see the original d-GPS record sample map from last autumn. 

The GPS sample location plot from November 2012

During the July week we ‘filled in the gaps’ by including more sample points from missing areas, and adding those where it was too wet to use the equipment last year. This will give us a really detailed and precise record, as we have sampled through the section at approximately every meter. The data we are gaining from these samples will be used to compare with the borehole section which we will start studying in September.

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